An Introduction to Hamstring Pain

Hamstring injuries are common in athletes, especially in track and field athletes. It’s estimated that 29 percent of all injuries in sprinters are hamstring strains.

About the Hamstring

Your hamstring is any of the three muscles that connect your hip to your knee. It plays a pivotal role in your ability to walk, jump, and run. It also flexes your knee and controls some movement in your glutes.

Common Causes of Hamstring Pain

Your hamstring is especially prone to injury in a multitude of tasks or due the explosive movements used in sports. Some causes include:

  • Poor flexibility
  • Lack of warm-up before exercise
  • Overuse/overstretching
  • Muscle imbalance

Overview of Treatment Plans for Hamstring Pain

The treatment plan for your hamstring pain will depend on the grade of your specific injury. Common treatments for hamstring pain include ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and massage.

Experiencing Hamstring Pain?

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